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Season 1. Episode 10. The Yoga Dissident

Season 1. Episode 10. The Yoga Dissident

In this episode author and yoga teacher Nadia Gilani discusses her book 'The Yoga Manifesto: How Yoga Saved me and Why it Needs to Save Itself. *Content Warning - disordered eating & body image*
Photo credit: Jen Armstrong

Last but certainly not least. I end the year with this frank and tender interview with author Nadia Gilani, we discuss the tensions within the 'Yoga Industrial Complex' body image, disordered eating as part of the yoga practice and more. Her brilliant Book 'The Yoga Manifesto: How Yoga Saved Me And Why it  Needs to Save Itself' has been on my bedside table since it came out earlier this year.

Nadia first discovered yoga after her mum took her to a class in the 1990s (and she really didn’t want to go!) She has been practicing ever since. Nadia has extensive experience working with people with different bodies and from all walks of life and is deeply committed to making yoga inclusive. Her approach to teaching is contemporary and explorative while maintaining a deep respect for the ancient practice.

Catch her in Norfolk in 2023 at The Space, Burston as part of her epic tour. Many more dates and venues around the UK included!

Nadia’s website


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