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Season 1. Episode 6. Yoga Unbound

Season 1. Episode 6. Yoga Unbound

In this episode I talk to Senior yoga teacher Claire Missingham. Claire has been teaching since 1999 and set up the UK's first Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher training course.

Claire Missingham is a leading teacher who has over 22 years of experience. Claire loves telling stories, igniting a passion for spiritual (non-dogmatic) practice, loves people getting to know people and is a champion for lifting as you climb.

Having been diagnosed with auto-immune disease Coeliac over 18 years ago, she has used her deep knowledge of nutrition to keep herself not just well, but Radiantly Alive. She loves nothing more than to pass on her knowledge and passion for adaptogens, herbs and nutrition as a path to health and vitality. In a now saturated yoga world, Claire’s clarity of teaching and inspirational curriculum stands out because she can explain the nuances of teaching yoga with excellence, humour and purity. What you see is what you get, whether it’s in a pair of pyjamas, jeans or yoga clothing, it’s all the same authentic person, getting up early to do the inner work, and just passing it on to you… Ram Ram.

Claire’s website

September 17th @ SameStar Yoga - Special 1 day workshop

October 8th Confluence of Three - Teacher’s refinement Mentoring Course

October 15th Om Yoga Show

November 19th. Katy Appleton & Claire Missingham present The Heart of Yoga Conference (panel discussion moderated by Abby Hoffmann)

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