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Season 1. Episode 9. The Accidental Yogi

Season 1. Episode 9. The Accidental Yogi

In this episode I talk to teacher Dina Cohen who stumbled into yoga after a hectic career in the music business. She now runs successful retreats worldwide and has her own home studio in London

After stumbling into yoga after burning out working in the music industry. London-based teacher Dina never expected to be teaching full time, let alone running her own home studio - Golden Door - and hosting successful international yoga retreats.

This January will be her 14th year of running her signature retreat in Goa, A New Years Revolution on the Beach which will now be at the revamped and amazing Bamboo Yoga in Patnem. Highly recommended!

Dina also offers CPD and training for yoga teachers both online and in person, she specialises in Yoga Nidra, Mindfulness and Restorative Yoga

She’s a font of knowledge and in this interview shares her years of experience and wisdom.

I hope you enjoy the episode!


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