May 27 • 49M

Season 1. Episode 3. Yoga is.. Transformative

In this episode I catch up with Cathy Underwood one of my very first yoga teachers. We reminisce about teaching yoga in gyms and I find out how her work as a yoga therapist helps to transform lives

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Hello and welcome to the Yoga Room, a podcast with me Abby Hoffmann. Each episode I’ll be chatting to someone who’s rocked my yoga world in one way or another. So grab a chai latte or double shot expresso, kick off your shoes and join us!
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Cathy Underwood is an award-winning yoga teacher with over 30 years of teaching experience. She specialises in yoga provision for clinical populations, supporting individuals and groups, living with complex mental health conditions, addiction disorders, learning disabilities and special educational needs.

Cathy’s methodology blends somatic practices with Mindfulness and evidence-based neuroscience to regulate neurological and physical imbalances that can impact a person’s health and well-being.

Cathy's Website

The Minded Institute

Special Yoga

The Tree House School

The London Children’s Practice