Jul 31 • 58M

Season 1. Episode 5. Yoga as Embodied Awareness

In this episode I talk to Yoga and Franklin Method educator Mollie McClelland Morris about her lifelong relationship with movement practices and her love of anatomy from an embodied perspective

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Hello and welcome to the Yoga Room, a podcast with me Abby Hoffmann. Each episode I’ll be chatting to someone who’s rocked my yoga world in one way or another. So grab a chai latte or double shot expresso, kick off your shoes and join us!
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Mollie McClelland Morris is a Senior Yoga teacher and trainer. Originally from Pittsburgh, USA she now lives in the UK with her husband and two children. Mollie was a dancer for many years and yoga kept coming into her life. It was a practice that brought balance to her body and mind. After years of practising with injuries, she discovered The Franklin Method which changed her perspective completely.

Her curiosity about the body and human nature drives her practice and her wonder at these bodies we all have drives her teaching.

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